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Starting from Zero Review [Fair and Honest]

starting from zero

So, my fellow affiliate marketing friends! If you are looking forward to starting your own E-commerce store or drop shipping store, then you can read this full starting from zero review that contains everything you need to know about the new Starting from Zero eBook written by a famous entrepreneur Fred Lam.

Who is Fred Lam?

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Fred Lam is the famous business entrepreneur, coach, and affiliate marketer. He started his career working as a dishwasher at a nearby famous restaurant in his locality.

Later he started selling some stuffs online and has been successful to generate a remarkable revenue of around $40 million so far; with some of his successful ventures like iPro Academy, Water Liberty, and Zero Up.

Today, Fred Lam has taken an initiative to teach the marketers like you for how to earn a 6-figure income through your small E-commerce stores.

He teaches how the online marketers can create their own online business in a careful way, by starting with only $100 initially.

His 5-step proven, and fail-safe business strategy has helped many online marketers to make out a fortune of online earning.

startingfromzero 300x250 - Starting from Zero Review [Fair and Honest]

Fred Lam himself has faced many ups and downs in his business and that’s why his $1.99 Starting from Zero eBook is a must for the internet marketers; who do not want to spend thousands of dollars on their online business ventures, without earning a dime.

What is Starting from Zero eBook About?

Fred Lam has a long span of around 15 years working as an online business entrepreneur. He has used all his experience to write an eBook for the people like you, who don’t want to see their investment going into vain.

He himself has gone through many dilemmas of losing lots of money; before he finally become successful in the E-commerce and drop shipping business.

Fred Lam has shared many insightful tips and tricks that any beginner online marketer needs to understand the E-commerce and drop shipping business.

His $1.99 Starting from Zero eBook is the best investment any online business owner can do, while understanding the best tips and tricks.

Fred Lam has designed a fail-safe 5-steps business strategy that any online business owner can use as a blueprint, to start his own E-commerce store, while generating lots of money in return.

Who Can Buy the Starting from Zero eBook and the Upsells?

I am really amazed after reading some pages of this eBook and I can say that this is for sure a great buy for only $1.99.

However, there are many upsells once you buy the eBook and you must decide whether you want to buy the upsells or not.

In my opinion, this book is for online marketers who have at least a good understanding and knowledge of E-commerce and drop shipping business.

Although, even if you are new to the field of E-commerce or drop shipping, but have a zeal to start new business, then I think $1.99 is not a big deal and you can buy the eBook to get some insightful information.

This eBook has a detailed information about everything you need to know about the drop shipping and E-commerce business.

It has around 200 pages of insightful content that makes it a must buy for online marketers like you.

Although, you must give it a second thought before buying the upsells and decide whether this business is really for you.

Why This is the Right Time to Buy the Starting from Zero eBook?

The E-commerce and internet business are going through a major transition. Now, people are willing to buy anything online and they are relying on some small niche websites to buy their merchandise.

In fact, Google has changed its policies and algorithms to rank the E-commerce websites or any website that is highly targeted to a single micro-niche.

Google looks for the content website that is highly targeted to a particular topic or micro-niche and if you design a website behind a particular micro-niche, then Google algorithms will rank you higher because your highly targeted niche will provide you an authority on that particular niche, topic, and products.

This eBook can teach you for how you can make such micro-niche E-commerce or drop shipping websites, with an initial budget of only $100.

startingfromzero 300x250 - Starting from Zero Review [Fair and Honest]

You will learn a step-by-step fail-safe strategy through one of the most successful entrepreneurs Fred Lam.

An Overview of the Starting from Zero eBook and Course

The Starting from Zero eBook has a 5-step business strategy, having the following steps: —

First Step: Instant Online Presence

Internet is filled with many free and paid online resources that can be used to build and design an E-commerce website within a matter of hours.

The days are gone, when people have to invest thousands of dollars for just making simple website.

Now, you can easily use any online platform like Wix or WordPress to build your own E-commerce website.

In fact, there are also some advanced E-commerce systems like the Shopify, where you can build your E-commerce website from scratch, with minimal subscription charges.

In this step, Fred Lam has used his own experience to teach you the best, fastest, and most affordable way to design your own E-commerce website, with a minimal budget.

Second Step: Inventory Arbitrage

This step is the most crucial step that most online marketers skip because they either are unknown about it or don’t know the benefits of inventory arbitrage.

Fred Lam has described in this step for how you can save thousands of dollars without having any of your own inventory.

Yes! You heard right! Fred Lam has discovered the secret for how you can use the already available resources of Amazon and AliExpress; so that you don’t have to maintain your own inventory.

Earlier, to showcase any product on an E-commerce website; the seller has to buy it from the third-party vendor who worked directly for the manufacturer.

This middle man would take a lot of commission for just providing the products to the online shop owners.

This mediation can increase the costs of products by around 25-50% and the online sellers would not get much profit by selling the products that they already buy on higher prices.

But nowadays, there are some websites like Alibaba from where you can buy the product in bulk form the manufacturer themselves on cheap prices; that you can sell on your E-commerce website with heavy commissions and profit margins.

Fred Lam has exactly explained this whole process in his eBook and the course.

Third Step: Fast and Targeted Traffic

The reason most of the online ventures fail is because the marketers don’t know the real secret of bringing loads of loads of targeted traffic to their websites.

Tell me what would you earn if you start a garage at a second floor?

This is what exactly happens to most of the online business ventures, without large amount of targeted traffic.

Just like starting a garage at second floor won’t earn you money; similarly, you won’t earn money if you don’t know the secrets of bringing targeted traffic to your website.

And with all those algorithm updates by Google; your business is on a verge of losing its profit any time.

So, most marketers must learn the proven and fail-safe strategies of bringing constant targeted traffic to their websites.

This is what exactly this step of Fred Lam’s eBook is all about. There are now many ways to bring traffic to your website other than the generic one. For instance, there are social networking sites, cheap CPC websites, and many more.

You are really missing a fortune if you don’t know these secrets. So, you must join the course of Fred Lam and any way buying the eBook will not make a hole in your pocket because it is for only $1.99.

startingfromzero 300x250 - Starting from Zero Review [Fair and Honest]

Fourth Step: Profit Multiplier

One of the reasons why micro-niche E-commerce or drop shipping websites are becoming more popular nowadays is because of the leverage the sellers can create from their buyers.

It is a fact that if a person loves one of your products from micro-niche website, then he or she will surely love to buy other similar products in the same niche.

For instance, suppose that you’ve make a website on Aquarium business, while showcasing some of the products of Aquarium like the gravels, equipment, Aquariums, etc.

Then, it is for sure that the buyers will come back to buy something more if he or she has bought a single product from your website.

In the Profit Multiplier step, the online marketers will learn how you can lure the visitors of your websites to buy more products from your website, while multiplying your profit to many folds.

Fred Lam has shared his experience for how you can use some techniques like E-mail newsletters; to increase your earnings from your visitors and buyers.

Fifth Step: Rinse and Repeat

Internet and its resources and constantly changing and no one knows whether the tips and tricks that are working in today’s E-commerce business would also work for the coming years.

Therefore, you must learn how you change and repeat your strategies, while continuing to increase your sales and revenue.

In this step, Fred Lam has shared some of his own experiences of failure and success; that would definitely teach you for how you can remain fail-safe from any ups and downs in the internet world.

Fred Lam has also shared how you can multiply the strategies you’ve learned in the earlier steps to make dozens of E-commerce websites that you can also sell for earning a great profit and income in this step.

Everything You Need to Know About the Upsells

The $1.99 value eBook is only a pre-sell product that Lam is using to attract the buyers to its upsell products and courses.

You will find following products in the upsell: —

  1. Order Bump with a price tag of $47, which is actually a media buying 6-step guide.
  2. The first upsell is the $147 value Ecompreneur upsell for a period of 90 days and then around $49 per month until you want the subscription.
  3. The second upsell is the $197 value Influencer Masterclass which will teach you how you can use the leveraging influencers to get highly targeted traffic for your website.
  4. Down sell with a price tag of $79×3 having the down sell version of the Influencer Masterclass course.

startingfromzero 300x250 - Starting from Zero Review [Fair and Honest]

My Personal Opinion About the Upsells

In my opinion, I would suggest you buy the eBook of the $1.99 value and read it carefully before deciding to buy the upsells.

If you are really serious about concentrating only on the E-commerce business and you are not doing any day job, then I think you can go for the upsells.

Although, I would not suggest you buy at once, but at least wait for some time, before buying the next upsell.

You can go for the $1 one-week trial for the Ecompreneur course down sell and then buy the $49 per month course if you are really serious about it.

Initially, I would suggest you go for the eBook and the 6 B.S. course with the price tag of $27 that you can choose while buying the eBook.

Remember that I care about your well being and I am not suggesting this Starting from Zero Review just to make quick bucks.

I think that $30 is not a big deal, especially if you are looking to build an E-commerce business online because you need a good budget to start your business and this much amount can let you earn some good tips and tricks; while saving your time, effort, and money to build a fail-safe online business.

What I Like Most About Starting from Zero?

One thing which I like most about this course is that Fred Lam has already provided you with loads of details through his eBook that you can use to build your E-commerce business.

He has shared some of his own experiences that you can follow to remain safe from any dire consequences yourself.

Plus! He has also shared some insightful advises in the eBook and course. For instance, he shared why you must not go for making an E-commerce website on WordPress because any hacker can easily hack such websites and can ruin your business in a matter of minutes.

His training courses are good! And I am sure you’ll learn what you are looking for.

What I Don’t Like About the Starting from Zero Course?

Although everything is great about this Starting from Zero course and the eBook, but I have realized that Lam has exaggerated some features of the course.

He is providing some tools like the and Shopzie that are paid automation tools for automating some processes of creating a website, while adding the products from the Aliexpress directly. is a url shortener service much like the Meanwhile, a free alternative of Shopzie like the Oberlo is already available on the internet.

Anyway, you can check for yourself by buying the courses.

startingfromzero 300x250 - Starting from Zero Review [Fair and Honest]

Final Verdict

If you are a beginner in the field of E-commerce and drop shipping business, then still I would suggest you buy the $1.99 eBook because I think this is not a great deal, if you are really serious about making your career in this field.

However, you must give yourself a small time and read the full eBook before buying the upsells because this will make you more confidant for spending your money.

I must say that Fred Lam has provided loads of knowledge in the eBook itself and it’s worth buying.

So, this was my Starting for Zero Review You are welcome to give comments below about your opinions and suggestions.




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