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MotionAds 3.0 Review: Best Training to Learn Making Cinemagraphs

motionads 3.0 review

Hello, my fellow graphic designer and marketer friends! In this post, I am going to give a brief MotionAds 3.0 Review.

What is MotionAds 3.0?

MotionAds 3.0 is the advanced version of the earlier most successful cinemagraph maker training course that become the most famous course among graphic and animation designers worldwide.

Now the maker of this course Mr. Cham Altatis has added some very exciting new features in the course like the 3D moving photos, more stunning looks in the cinemagraphs, and plotagraphs.

If you are looking for the best video training course that can also teach your cinmegarphs and other latest trends in graphic designing, then MotionAds 3.0 is the best course for you that provides you the step by step training to learn the new ways of graphic designing.

Cham has successfully added some new features in its already successful MotionAds that he launched in the year 2016, then MotionAds 2.0 in the year 2018; and now he has again baffled the graphic designers with the new MotionAds 3.0 with some added features, tips, and tricks of making cinemagraphs.

See Some of the Most Recent Ads Made by MotionAds 3.0 Below:

motionads3.0reviewexamples1 1 300x300 - MotionAds 3.0 Review: Best Training to Learn Making Cinemagraphsmotionads3.0review3 1 150x150 - MotionAds 3.0 Review: Best Training to Learn Making Cinemagraphs

motionads3.0reviewexamples4 150x150 - MotionAds 3.0 Review: Best Training to Learn Making Cinemagraphs

Who is Cham Altatis?

cham altatis 150x150 - MotionAds 3.0 Review: Best Training to Learn Making Cinemagraphs

Cham Altatis is the professional video editor, having long experience of more than 10 years to edit and publish videos.

He has also worked as a video editor in the TV station and provided video creation services to SMEs and MNCs.

Cham has a great passion for teaching video creation and graphic design to other people and that’s why he entered the world of providing online courses to students throughout the world.

He became successful in some of its earlier ventures in video creation courses like MotionAds and Vidtasia.

Since then, he never looked back and started providing video creation training courses in many majors like cinemagraphs.

Who Can Join Cham’s Course?

This course is surely for the graphic designers however, there are no limitations because any person can easily learn how to make cinemagraphs with the help of Cham’s easy to use templates and detailed training.

This course is a must for the large digital marketing and graphic designing agencies because the internet promotion and marketing trend is changing and now many large organizations like Apple Music, Walmart, Cannon, and Mercedes-Benz have already used cinemagraphs in their marketing and promotional campaigns and the results were baffling.

If you want to lure your clients and increase sales by many folds, then learning how to make cinemagraphs is mandatory for you.

Meanwhile, this training course is also helpful for affiliate marketers, teachers, freelancers, or almost any person who want to increase his or her presence and sales.

join now button png 300x124 - MotionAds 3.0 Review: Best Training to Learn Making Cinemagraphs


Why Would You Bother About Learning How to Make Cinemagraphs?

You have to start bothering about learning how to make cinemagraphs because of many reasons.

The very first reason is the decreasing attention span of consumers. Few years back, before the launch of so many social media networking channels; the attention span of average individual was around 12 seconds.

This means that any person would at least provide 12 seconds to see and visit your post, website, or commercial, before he or she finally distracts to see something else; if he or she doesn’t find it interesting.

Now, after the introduction of smartphones and so many social media networking sites; the attention span of average person has decreased to merely 6-9 seconds.

This means that you have only 6-9 seconds to grab the attention of your consumers and prospects; or otherwise they will ignore or reject what you want to convey through your advertise, post, or message.

Now, cinemagraphs can be really helpful to increase the click through rate of your adverts, posts, or messages because they have a higher attention-grabbing qualities.

As it says – “A picture worth thousand words, and a video worth million.” Now, you can change this saying to – “A cinemagraph worth billion words.”

And believe me guys, I am not bragging about the features of cinemagraphs; just because I want to sell you this product.

I am not writing this MotionAds 3.0 Review to misguide you to make few bucks.

join now button png 300x124 - MotionAds 3.0 Review: Best Training to Learn Making Cinemagraphs

In fact, there are already many case studies and researches done in this field; to understand the real significance of cinemagraphs in the new digitally conscious lower attention span generation.

For instance, a detailed case study was carried out by Flixel to understand the significance of cinemagraphs.

They’ve found in their study that cinemagraph adverts are capable of getting 117% more clicks; compared to the traditional image ad, which means that they can increase the consumer engagement by 80% more compared to that in traditional image or video adverts.

If you are still not sure, then decide for yourself by watching the comparison below and tell me which one is looking appealing to you? The left one advert or the right one?

cinemagrpahs ad comparision 300x200 - MotionAds 3.0 Review: Best Training to Learn Making Cinemagraphs

What Are Cinemagraphs?

If you guys know nothing about cinemagraphs, then let me inform you that cinemagraphs are like the amalgamation of the best features of both videos and images.

If you are a great fan of Harry Potter movies, then you would have seen some examples of moving images in most releases of these movies.

Cinemagraphs look stunning and mesmerizing to eyes and they can attract the attention of viewers at an instance.

If you don’t believe me, then see some of the most prolific cinemagraphs that Cham has designed for its elite customers below:

motionads2.0reviewexamples 300x300 - MotionAds 3.0 Review: Best Training to Learn Making Cinemagraphsmotionads3.0reviewexamples2 300x300 - MotionAds 3.0 Review: Best Training to Learn Making Cinemagraphsmotionads3.0reviewexamples5 300x300 - MotionAds 3.0 Review: Best Training to Learn Making Cinemagraphs

Yes! I am sure you’ll me flabbergasted with these gorgeous looking cinemagraphs.

Now, you’ll ask me – “Why cinemagraphs, when you can easily make GIFs?”

Then, I’ll say that GIFs are moving pictures, but they are not purely cinemagraphs.

Although both GIFs and cinemagraphs are loops running simultaneously, but the GIF technology has become obsolete because they date back to 80s.

Moreover, you cannot make high resolution and HD graphic images in GIFs like what you can easily make in the cinemagraphs.

What You’ll Learn in the MotionAds 3.0 Course

Making cinemagraph is an art and you must know how to take the perfect picture that you can convert easily into cinemagraphs.

This is what you exactly learn in the newer version of MotionAds 3.0 course plus you’ll also learn how to create cinemagraphs from the existing images easily.

You’ll also learn how you can start your campaign for promoting your cinemagraphs to the consumers and prospects.

In short, you’ll learn following tips and tricks:

  • How to shoot the best footages for designing your own cinemagraphs
  • Where you can get the license free stock footages and images to make your own cinemagraphs
  • How to create cinemagraphs using the different advanced tools and techniques
  • How to publish your cinemagraphs on various social media and Web 2.0 channels
  • How to run video ad campaigns using the cinemagraphs

join now button png 300x124 - MotionAds 3.0 Review: Best Training to Learn Making Cinemagraphs

Sales Breakdown of MotionAds 3.0

  1. The first font-end offer is the general version of MotionAds 3.0 that contains the training for how to make cinemagraphs, plotagraphs, and 3D Photos. It contains an initial price range of $27 to $47.
  2. The second OTO 1 or first one time offer contains UpVid, which is the collection of video stocks and templates that you can use on the go to make your own cinemagraphs. It has the sales price of $27 per month or $59 per quarter.
  3. Finally, the second OTO 2 contains the VidCraft that has the premium marketing video creation training having a price tag of $67.

I think the prices are reasonable and are nothing compared to what you’ll get in return; if you are running a graphic designing or social media marketing agency.

Bonus You’ll Get if Buying Through My Website

Following are some of the bonuses that you’ll get if you buy MotionAds 3.0 from my website:

  • Dozens of premade badges that you can directly use in your adverts, posts, and images
  • Dozens of stunning overlays that you can use in your cinemagraphs and graphics
  • Dozens of highly animated transitions that you can use in your projects
  • Dozens of good-looking animated shapes
  • Dozens of cute animated avatars that you can use anyhow you want
  • Dozens of speech bubbles to make stunning animations

join now button png 300x124 - MotionAds 3.0 Review: Best Training to Learn Making Cinemagraphs

What I Like Most About MotionAds 3.0

I have realized that Cham is not selling this cinemagraph training course, considering the commercial intent.

He loves to teach people and that’s why he has kept nominal price of his much-awaited training course; to follow his passion of teaching other people.

I think that this course is best for any individual; who has a zeal to learn how to make cinemagraphs.

What I Don’t Like About this Course

MotionAds 3.0 is still in its launching stage and nothing can be said until some users provide its feedback.

If you become the first user of this training course, then please share your views in the comment section below.

Final Verdict

The social media marketing trends are changing rapidly and if you are running a social media marketing or graphic designing agency, then I think learning how to make cinemagraphs through MotionAds 3.0 is a must for you.

It is already proved that cinemagraphs are helpful to increase consumer engagement, and many large MNCs have already used it.

So, you must try the initial training and if you are not satisfied, then don’t worry because Cham is providing you a 30-day money back guarantee on this course.

So! If you are anyhow not satisfied with this product, then you can opt for the refund, within 30 days of buying the product.

With that said, I don’t think this situation will arrive because Cham has already launched earlier successful version of MotionAds.

Finally, I am thankful to you that you’ve read my detailed MotionAds 3.0 Review. Please comment below your opinions and suggestions.

join now button png 300x124 - MotionAds 3.0 Review: Best Training to Learn Making Cinemagraphs





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