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A Step by Step Guide for How to Use Clickbank for Beginners

How to Use Clickbank for Beginners 2019

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Welcome dear Friends! In this post I will tell you about a step by step process, for how to use Clickbank for beginners 2019, the most easy and effective way.

There are many beginners in affiliate marketing, who don’t know the step by step strategy, to bring that 5-figure income, flowing into your account.

Most of these beginners make a so-called website, choose a random product and make a rough website on that product. However, there are many considerations of affiliate marketing that you must understand, for success in this field.

The very first such consideration is to get highly targeted traffic, and beguile them to buy your affiliate product. clickbank guide beginners 300x257 - How to Use Clickbank for Beginners 2019What if I tell you that you can also increase the visitors to your product website, and increase communication?

What if you can also be able to generate a passive income, even when you sleep?

I am sure these questions will be coming in your mind, before searching the internet.

So, if you are really serious, then keep reading to learn the how to use Clickbank for beginners.

Before I start, let me introduce you myself. My name is Vinay and I am a full-time affiliate marketer.

Few years back, I was really struggling to earn a good income from home through affiliate marketing. I was finding it hard to make an effective way for Clickbank for beginners to earn.

Then, I researched the internet briefly, and this is how I knew how to earn money from Clickbank. affiliate marketingAfflift 300x225 - How to Use Clickbank for Beginners 2019 And then, I thought why not share this information with the beginner affiliates like you, who are looking for a great way to earn from home.

So, guys! I am sharing this secret of my success as an affiliate marketer with you.

So, I want to ask you a simply question – “What is the most crucial thing in marketing the Clickbank products?”

And I am sure, you people will tell me of course the visitors. If your website or affiliate link is not getting visitors, then there is no way that you would earn even a penny from your website.

You would already know how to sign up for the Clickbank account, and then choose the product of the niche of your interest. If not, then you can click the link below for the same: —


Once you complete reading my earlier post, then you can continue reading this post.

Best Way to Get Targeted Traffic for Clickbank Products

clickbank beginners guide 300x257 - How to Use Clickbank for Beginners 2019You may not know, but Twitter is the best free way to get targeted traffic for your niche.

So, you can attract highly targeted traffic from twitter, either directly to your website, or to your affiliate link. Just follow the steps of my guide for how to get targeted traffic to your affiliate links?

1.     Making A Keyword Rich Twitter Account Related to Your Product

The very first process in this guide is to make a keyword rich Twitter handler account, other than your own personal account.

Driving untargeted traffic, who are not even willing to pay for the product you are promoting, is just like opening a garage on the second floor,

which means you won’t earn money, because your visitors have typed something in the Google, which they think would be available in free, or they are just interested to get some information about that keyword.

So, this is the reason why you need to make a keyword rich account on Twitter, related to your product niche. In my case, I have chosen a dating guide for women called “His Secret Obsession”

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If you want to know how to choose a niche product, then you can CLICK HERE to learn how to choose a product of your interest and niche.

Now, you next move is to find a keyword related to your product, which can also attract the potential buyers of your product.

You can use the Free Google KW Tool by CLICKING HERE Copy the link of the website you are going to promote and paste it inside the Keyword tool.

See the figure below, where you can see some of the keywords that you can use for making a handler account on Twitter. GoogleKWTOOL 300x139 - How to Use Clickbank for Beginners 2019However, using only the Google KW Tool would not be enough to choose the perfect keyword for your product promotion.

You must also research some other channels like the YouTube, Amazon, eBay, to understand the buying patterns of the prospects for your niche or product.

Another best fee keyword research tool that you can use for your research is the, where you can research the various other channels, to choose the best keyword, for which the visitors will be willing to buy your product. affiliate marketingAfflift 300x225 - How to Use Clickbank for Beginners 2019 In my case, I have analyzed that I have to choose a wide phrase to attract more prospects for my product.

So, in this case I can choose @datingforwomen, @womendating, @getexback, @womendatingtips, etc. such types of Twitter handler accounts.

Once you make a free account on Twitter, to promote your Clickbank product, now your next move is to follow the following steps: —

  • Upload a good-looking creative commons picture of any woman, or yourself, if you are a woman, willing to let the users know you.
  • Include #hashtags relevant to your niche. You can either use the keywords that you get from the Google KW tool, or the tool, or any other paid tool like Semrush or Ahrefs, if you are using one.
  • Include a link back to either your WordPress website, or you can also attach the hoplink of your product that you are promoting, but make sure to shorten it by using a URL shortener like, etc.
  • Customize the header and footer of your Twitter handler account, and don’t forget to change the name of images to the keywords of your product, before uploading them. You can use the free Facebook header images available on Google Image Search, and don’t forget to use the images that are ok for reuse. Just see the image below to choose the images that are ok for reuse: —

clickbank for beginners20188 300x134 - How to Use Clickbank for Beginners 2019You must choose any image that is free from copyrights and “Labelled for Reuse.”

You can choose the website that best matches your product by typing some keywords like “dating for women” and “women dating header image” for your Twitter account.

Then, as show in the figure above, click on the “Tools” button, then click on the drop-down menu that would be showing “Usage Rights.” Now you have to choose the “Labelled for Reuse” option.

Similarly, you can use the header image for your account, by simply searching for “Facebook Header Dating” or “Header Image Dating” or other such kinds of keywords.

2. Promoting Your Product on Twitter

Twitter is the best free and effective way to promote your website or product. Millions of Tweets are Tweeted by the users of Twitter every day.

If you get at least around 1000 followers initially within a week, then you can easily get sales of your product.

And remember that these followers will be your lifetime buyers, and you would be able to sell them more products in the same niche over and over.

The best way to first of all make followers on Twitter, and then tweet them some engaging tweets in a best time is by using a Twitter application like is a best way to automate the process of following, unfollowing, and tweeting messages to your followers.

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Although the best application for this purpose is, but you can use the free version of if you have a low budget.

See the video by clicking the link above and learn how to follow, unfollow, and tweet at best timings to your followers.

3. Promoting Your Products Through Google Alerts

Do you know that Google provides you an opportunity, to promote your products to prospect buyers, and that too free of cost?

This is the best way to promote clickbank products without a website.

So, what you have to do? Simple! Just like what you did in the Twitter, just make a Google Account with your handler account, for example, I can make an account with or something similar.

Then go to Google Alerts, and type your keyword like “dating tips for women” you will see a page as shown below: — clickbank products promotion first 300x100 - How to Use Clickbank for Beginners 2019Click on options and choose the various options as shown in the figure below, according to your choice and convenience. clickbank products promotion 300x194 - How to Use Clickbank for Beginners 2019Keep the first option “At most once a day” if you want daily updates about your keywords, or else you can also choose “As it happens” for frequent updates.

Keep the sources automatic, so that Google Algorithms can choose the best sources for you, or else you can also opt for news and blogs for minimal messages.

Change your region if you want to target any particular region like USA, UK, China etc. Otherwise let the region remain “Any Region” for worldwide settings.

Finally, choose the best results for of course best results. You will start getting every kind of updates like blog posts, news, etc.

Now, all you have to do is to post a comment or find the E-mail of the person related to the alert and ask him to check your product, and provide him the URL of your webpage or direct affiliate link.

You can also use the quotation marks to let the Google look for that precise keyword like you can use “dating for women” with those quotation marks for the exact alerts.

And please follow these guidelines for promoting your affiliate products on Twitter: —

  1. Don’t spam the users of Twitter anyhow.
  2. Send at least 5-15 and not more than 20 tweets per day, or Twitter may suspend your account.
  3. If you have a blog or website, then you can tweet to the specific blog post, and not the generic homepage for getting more sales.
  4. You can also use the landing pages or sign up pages to get the E-mail IDs of users and send them messages through free newsletter services like MailChimp.
  5. Always use hashtags on Twitter like #datingforwomen or #datingtipsforwomen to get more visitors to your website or link. Most users on Twitter search for hashtags related to their interest.
  6. Never promote something not related to your niche on your official Twitter account.


So, what you think? If you have any query related to How to Use Clickbank for Beginners 2019, then you are most welcome to put a comment below.

We are looking forward to post many other such related posts for you. So, don’t forget to bookmark our website or save a link in any text or word file. Thank You Affiliate Marketers.

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