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Fiverr Review 2019 [From Both Buyer’s and Seller’s Perspective]

fiverr review

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online digital services buyer and seller platform. If you are new to Fiverr and looking for a detailed fiverr review, then keep reading this detailed post.

Any freelancer digital services provider or buyer can sign up for a free account on Fiverr and start buying or selling his digital services.

Following are some of the main digital services that are famous on Fiverr: —

  1. Graphic designing
  2. Digital marketing
  3. Writing and translation
  4. Video and Animation
  5. Music and video
  6. Programming and Tech
  7. Business
  8. Fun and Lifestyle
  9. Bizarre

Fiverr provides a great opportunity to the freelancers who are willing to provide their digital services throughout the world.

It is one of the best digital services providers on the internet. It has millions of freelancers, providing thousands of different digital services to the buyers.

Fiverr is good for both buyers and sellers because it has many sellers, who are arranged on the sales page, depending upon their ratings and reviews by the buyers.

Fiverr Review India [Seller’s Perspective]

Earlier, I had been using Fiverr to sell my academic and article writing services on Fiverr. Then, Fiverr changed its policies related to academic writing and deleted all my gigs related to Academic Writing.

I am still using Fiverr to buy some cheap digital services. If you ask for my opinion, then I must say that Fiverr is a great platform to showcase your talent as a freelancer to the whole world.

Fiverr is the best platform for sellers if you are a graphic designer, writer, SEO expert, web developer, etc.

I have seen many Indian freelancers who gave up their day job and started concentrating to provide their services fully on Fiverr.

Is Fiverr Really a Good Platform for Asian Freelancers?

Fiverr is a great website for Asian freelancers because of the difference in the dollar and other Asian currencies.

Any average Asian freelancer would earn a good income from home on Fiverr, without even looking for any kind of day job.

How to Become a Seller on Fiverr?

It’s quite easy to work on Fiverr. All you have to do is to sign up for a free account on Fiverr and then make a gig related to your expertise.

For instance, suppose that you are good at writing, then you can simply make a $5 gig on the Fiverr with title – “I Will Write Your Article for $5”

Then, provide a brief overview of your gig. For example, what you would provide in your gig, e.g. an article of around 1000 words for $5.

The image below is showing one of my sample gigs that I’ve made. As you can see I’ve made a gig title, chosen a category, and the topic and other related information.

fiverr review 1024x601 - Fiverr Review 2019 [From Both Buyer’s and Seller’s Perspective]

Now your next step is to click on the “Pricing” tab shown in the menu bar and add the pricing details of your gig.

You can add 3 different types of price packages for your gig as shown in the figure below: —

fiverr review indonesia - Fiverr Review 2019 [From Both Buyer’s and Seller’s Perspective]

I have not added the standard and premium packages because generally you can control the pricing for article writing from a single package.

Now, click on the “Description and FAQ” and add a brief description of what you do on your gig and what services the buyers will get.

You’ll get an idea of what you can include in this section by seeing the image below, which shows the description of my article writing gig: —

fiverr malaysia review - Fiverr Review 2019 [From Both Buyer’s and Seller’s Perspective]

Provide some details of your gig, like the average TAT (Turn Around Time) or deadline of 24-48 hrs. or whatever you want.

You can also add FAQs in this section like – “What if the quality of article is not good or I want to cancel the order?” and other related questions and their answers for a better insight about your gig.

The next two sections are the requirements and gallery. You can ask for the requirements you need to write the essay in a form of doc file from the buyer.

For example, you can ask the buyer for the keywords, title, exact word limit, or any other details the buyer wants to include in the requirements section.

Thereafter, showcase some of your best earlier works in the gallery section. Add few PDF files, images, and promo videos in this section; so that your gig attracts more buyers.

How Much Does Fiverr Take?

For sellers, Fiverr charges around 20% of the total price of your gig. For instance, if a buyer buys one gig for $5, then you’ll get around $4 as your earnings to complete that order.

If you are a buyer, then you will have to pay around $1 commission for a gig order of $20. If your order value is more than $20, then you’ll be charged 5% of the total amount your are buying.

How Does Fiverr Works?

Once you put your gig live on Fiverr, then the buyers will search Fiverr for your services and will buy it if they want.

Once you get an order on Fiverr, then you have the deadline that you’ve already provided in the gig to complete that order.

If you’ve completed that order within the exact deadline, then buyer would get a 3 day turn around time to give the feedback, or your order will be automatically marked as complete after 3 days if the buyer doesn’t respond with a feedback.

However, you must nudge the buyer to give a positive rating feedback because ratings and feedbacks are everything for a seller.

There would already be thousands of gigs on Fiverr, related to your services and you need good rating feedbacks to rank high in this list.

So, nudge the buyer every time you complete an order and ask deliberately for a positive rating feedback.

If you are unable to complete the order within the deadline, then the order will be cancelled automatically, or the buyer has an option to cancel the order himself.

If the buyer is not happy with your order, then you have an option to review the order and provide him the rework. If still the buyer is not happy, then he is free to cancel the order.

Avoid cancelled orders and late works because they can disrupt your gig rankings on Fiverr.

So, this was my Fiverr review Indonesia for sellers. If you want to join Fiverr to sell your digital services, then you can CLICK HERE

My Personal Opinion as a Seller on Fiverr

I have had worked for a long time as a freelancer writer on Fiverr, but I must say there are some things that I didn’t like about Fiverr.

I must admit that Fiverr provides preference to its buyers. I remember that many times my orders were cancelled by the buyers for no positive reasons and the Fiverr support team had been unable to give me proper resolution.

If you are a freelancer writer, then I would suggest you not to totally rely on Fiverr and look for some other platforms in your freelancer expertise.

Earlier, I was writing academic assignments on Fiverr and everything was going well, then suddenly they changed their policies on academic writing and deleted most of my gigs related to academic writing.

So, don’t totally rely on Fiverr and keep some other freelancing options open.

There is also a lot of trolling on Fiverr for new sellers. I remember once when I was selling a gig related to psychic reading, then one seller trolled me as a buyer. She first of all asked me to buy my gig, then she wasted my time for a very long period, asking questions about my gig. They she said that I don’t need your services.

Fiverr Review for Buyers

I must say that Fiverr is a heaven for buyers, but of course there are few fake gig providers who would not reply to your messages after you order.

One thing I found best about buyers on Fiverr is that some services are made for this platform like: —

  1. Logo making
  2. Graphic designing
  3. eBook Cover Designing
  4. Video and Animation
  5. Programming and Tech

For instance, I have ordered few gigs on Fiverr on these topics and the results were really amazing. See the eBook cover below that I got only for $5 on this platform.

ebook love never dies 640x1024 - Fiverr Review 2019 [From Both Buyer’s and Seller’s Perspective]

I have earlier approached the local graphic designers and they gave me a bullshit in the name of eBook cover after spending thousands, but then I was really fascinated with this result on Fiverr.

I must suggest you ordering Fiverr gigs, when you are sure that the seller on the other end is real and has not put some fake photos, proofs, and profile. Check for his or her identity on Facebook and other social media channels and check for his or her earlier rating and feedback.

If you have any doubt about the identity of the seller or the validity of the services, then do not order the gig.

Another thing, don’t order gigs that you think are capable to do with the help of some kind of software or automation technique.

For instance, I have ordered many backlink building gigs and got no insightful results.

So, never order any gigs that you think are automated.

If you want to join Fiverr as a buyer to buy digital services, then CLICK HERE

P.S. – Fiverr is the best platform to build a digital services career and many freelancers have given up their day job to work on Fiverr. If some exceptions are considered, then I must admit that Fiverr is the best place for freelancers.

So, friends this way my full Fiverr Review. If you have any opinion or experience about Fiverr, then you are most welcome to comment on this post.

You can also watch this video below to learn how to use fiverr as a seller (please apologize for my accent and slow stuttering cause I am not a YouTuber by profession. Although I am sure that you would get some insights from this video)

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