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9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

Best Keyword Research Tools 2019

If you want to know about the best keyword research tools 2019, then please keep reading this full review of the top 7 such tools that you need in 2019.

I have started my journey few months back as an affiliate marketer and I stumbled upon many SEO websites and tools. Some of them are genuine, while others are not worth spending any dime. So, I thought why not share this useful information with my affiliate marketing friends like you. So, here I am sharing these tools and website with you.

1. Best Paid Keyword Research Tool: Ahrefs

paid seo tool 1024x186 - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

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If you know nothing about Ahrefs, then let me inform you guys that this is one of the best and most promising SEO tools that you must need in 2019. Those days are gone, when you would easily get the top 10 position on the internet, by simply looking for the keyword in free tools like Google KW Tool.

Now, there would be already hundreds or even thousands of websites; striving hard to rank on the top 10 position in the Google search results.

The competition is so hard that you need best keyword research tool 2019 like Ahrefs for ranking at least in the top 10 position for any keyword.

I must say that Ahrefs can help you find those low hanging fruits of keywords that other free SEO tools can never provide you.

In fact, Ahrefs can also help you to get more traffic by analyzing some websites like Quora.

And not only this, Ahrefs can also help you to build backlinks with the help of some of its unique features like checking the 404 not found backlinks of your competitor, which you can use yourself to start a backlink building campaigns.

You can sign up for a 7 day free trial of Ahrefs by CLICKING HERE

This style of stealing backlinks from your competitor is very effective and many famous affiliate marketing gurus are using this technique via Ahrefs; to earn thousands of dollars per month.

2. Google Search Console [Best Free Keyword Research Tool 2019]

free seo toolsecond - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

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It is a common saying that – “One swallow doesn’t make a summer.” This condition also holds true in case of SEO and affiliate marketing because there are some common tools like Google Search Console that you must need to boost your keyword rankings on Google.

And one good think about it is that it’s free and you can use it with just having common knowledge of how to use internet.

Google Search Console is best for you to check the performance of the keywords of your blog or website. You can keep a good check for which keywords are ranking higher and which are not performing well.

In fact, you can use this best free keyword research tool 2019 to know some bunch of keywords that your website or blog is ranking for; from the instance your website or blog goes live on the internet.

Meanwhile, you cannot deny a fact that the traffic of websites on smartphones is increasing rapidly and you need to understand how your website or blog is performing on smartphone traffic.

Below is the mobile usability chart of one of my websites and it’s showing clearly how my site is performing on mobile devices. If there are any usability issues of your website or blog on mobile, then this link should tell you how you can make some changes to your website or blog; to make it more user friendly for smartphone visitors.

mobile usability 1024x602 - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

This site can save your thousands of dollars that you would otherwise have to pay to the SEO experts and developers; to carry out an SEO analysis of your website or blog.

Why Google Search Console is the Best Keyword Research Tool 2019?

If you have a large website or blog, having hundreds of pages, then Google Search Console can also help you to index your page as fast as possible. All you have to do is just submit your sitemap to the Google Search Console and its spider will index all relevant pages of your blog or website in a short period of time.

Below image is the sitemap submission page of the New Google Search Console and you can see that my indexed pages are showing clearly in the map.

You can access Google Search Console by CLICKING HERE

The various tags are showing at the left corner that you must need in your website SEO analysis.

sitemap submission 1024x372 - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

3. Ubersuggest [Best Free Keyword Research Tool 2019 by Neil Patel]

free seo toolThird 1024x195 - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

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If you are on a low budget on affiliate marketing or you don’t want to make a hole in your pocket initially; without getting exclusive results, then Ubersuggest is the best keyword research tool 2019 on the internet made available by the genius of affiliate marketing and SEO, Mr. Neil Patel. 

Neil Patel has made many new additions to this tool that makes it one of the best keyword analysis tools after some paid tools like Ahrefs and Semrush.

In fact, I would say that he will make it the best within few months; so that affiliate marketers like you would not have to invest large amount on keyword research.

Ubersuggest has everything that even a free keyword analysis tool 2019 can provide you with. Below is a short snapshot for the keyword “how to make money” and as you can see that you can easily use ubersuggest to generate some great keywords ideas on this tool; without paying hundreds of bucks.

free seo tool 1024x424 - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

You can easily see that you can download the CSV file for the best keyword ideas on this platform and you can also research the keyword for top pages, new keyword ideas, content ideas, etc.

What else do you need from a free keyword analysis tools like this? I must suggest this tool for the beginner affiliate marketers, who don’t want to invest large amount initially.

You can access Ubersuggest by CLICKING HERE

4. Google KW Tool or Google Keyword Planner Tool [A Must Free Keyword Research Tool 2019]

google Keyword planner 1024x317 - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

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After the launch of its new Google AdWords on August 2016, Google started to limit the data available to the Google Keyword Planner tool to the non-advertisers; so as to increase the potential of their Google AdWords tool.

However, there are still many features of the free Google KW Tool that the beginner affiliate marketers can use for their SEO purpose.

For instance, suppose that you have a large website related to E-commerce or any business website and you want to know the commercial intent of buyers, i.e. whether buyers are willing to buy your merchandise or not, then it can be understood with the help of using Google KW tool.

I have used a keyword “furniture” to understand the commercial intent and the keywords for which the bids on Google AdWords are high and the results are showing in the image below: —

free seo toolfourth 1024x446 - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

I clicked on the “Top of page bid higher range” to get the keywords that are bid highest in the Google AdWords for the keyword “Furniture.”

As you can see in the above figure that advertisers are willing to pay a high bid to get their Google AdWords ad placed first on Google search results for the keyword “modern green couch”

This suggests that if you make an E-commerce website or a furniture review website, then you can use the high bid keywords like “modern green couch” and “business furniture” to rank high on the organic Google search results, while not spending a dime on Google AdWords advertising.

You can see the below video for more insights

Moreover, if you are willing to place your ads on Google AdWords, for your website or blog, then you must learn how to use the new Google Keyword Planner tool.

You can access Google Keyword Planner by CLICKING HERE

5. Yoast SEO Plugin [A Must SEO WordPress Plugin]

best wordpress SEOplugin - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

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WordPress has made a revolution in the life of those thousands of affiliate marketing bloggers, who are willing to make thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing.

WordPress is the best platform for the beginner affiliate marketers, for making a blog or website because you don’t need any knowledge of programming or coding.

In fact, you can make a simple blog or website on your own, by simply few clicks of your mouse.

Now, there are hundreds of free plugins for WordPress, but one of the best plugins that I found is the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress.

Yoast is so far the best free SEO plugin for the beginners like you. You can manage many SEO aspects of your WordPress website, by installing this free website on your WordPress blog.

It provides you insights about SEO and readability, right below your WordPress editor; so that you can make some instant changes on your post; to make it SEO friendly.

You can also target one keyword with the help of Yoast SEO plugin; for your blog post.

If you want to rank higher on Google within a short period of time, then you can also opt for the paid version of Yoast SEO Plugin, which will cost your around $89 per website per year.

Although you are free to download the free version anytime, before you go for the paid version.

Following are some added features of Yoast SEO Plugin in the premium version

You can access Yoast SEO Plugin by CLICKING HERE

yoast seo plugin 1024x517 - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

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6. Buzzsumo [Another Keyword Analysis Tool 2019]

buzzsumo LRG grey nobg - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

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Social media marketing websites have brought a revolution in SEO and affiliate marketing. Therefore, it has become mandatory for most beginner affiliates; to understand how people interact with your websites and blogs on some favorite social media marketing websites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Although social links may or may not help to boost your website or blog ranking on search results, but it’s a fact that people today have started to use some famous social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to search what they are looking for.

Therefore, a good social media presence and large number of shares and likes are definitely going to affect your rankings; or at least provide you more targeted traffic.

The best tool to analyze the social media interaction is Buzzsumo.

I have searched for the keyword “how to make money” and as you can see in the results of Buzzsumo, the page having the highest social shares are showing in the top position.

web search evaluator 1024x539 - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

Buzzsumo is a one of the best web search evaluator tools for you if you have a YouTube channel and you need to understand which types of videos, posts, and pages become viral on some famous social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.

Although Buzzsumo is not free, but still you can use the free version. If you need some more insights about your website or blog on social media, then you can buy the Pro version by paying $99 per month.

You can access Buzzsumo by CLICKING HERE

7. Google Analytics

google analytics 800 - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

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If you want to become a web search evaluator, professional affiliate marketer, SEO expert, or you have a large e-commerce website to monitor, then you must need Google Analytics to analyze the visitor’s behavior, demographics, actions, and other aspects.

The new Google Analytics has many new added features that provide brief insights about the nature and behavior of your website visitors.

If you are a management aspirant, then you must know the significance of demographics, buying behavior, male: female ration, etc. of your audience.

best search evaluatortool2 1024x576 - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

However, if you are not a management aspirant, then still these figures can provide you an extra advantage; to understand your site audience and factors that may affect their buying behavior.

Google Analytics is also a good SEO tool for A/B testing, where you can provide with two different versions of your same website, while analyzing which aspects of your website are effective.

If you are new to Google Analytics and know nothing about it, then don’t worry because Google is also providing a free course for you to learn Google Analytics basics. You can CLICK HERE to access this course, without paying a dime.

You can access Google Analytics by CLICKING HERE

8. SEO Quake [Organic Search Results Live Data Provider]

SEO Quake Toolbar - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

Image Source

It is a fact that some crazy affiliate marketers and web search evaluators like me keep searching for the best opportunities on the internet. Every time when I search for something, then I look for whether there is any opportunity for me to make some money with that keyword.

I wanted to know the live information of the websites that are on top 10 position of the Google search results. Now, this dream is fulfilled with the help of SEO Quake.

SEO Quake is a simple chrome extension that provides you live information about the website you are visiting and the search results you are looking for.

It comes as a handy and flexible tool for the initial web search evaluation.

This information is sometimes very helpful to understand what makes a website rank at the top of the search results and what you your website need to come to that position.

The SEO Quake is showing some information below the first result of the keyword “how to make money with Clickbank 2019” and as you can see this website has a good Alexa ranking, is older than 8 years, has a high number of backlinks (showing in LD), and a good ranking on SEMrush, which is also a web search evaluation tool.

You can also export the CSV file of this search result and download the SERP report from the left-hand corner.

Now, let’s see the insights of this website, which you will get after visiting the website and clicking the SEO Quake icon on the top right corner of Google Chrome, or any other browser you are using.

web search evaluatortool22 1 - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

Now, I can see that my websites ranking on Alexa is only 6.30M, is around 1 year old only, and has very few backlinks.

So, you can assure yourself that you need some more backlinks and other figures to rank your website high on Google for the keyword relevant to your website and its content.

You can access SEO Quake by CLICKING HERE

9. Flikover [Specially for My Indian Affiliate Marketing Friends]

Flikover Icon - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

Image Source

If you have read this post up to this section, then congratulations! Because here I am providing you an information that can save your thousands in your affiliate marketing efforts.

If you are fed up with the high prices of some good web search evaluator tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Buzzsumo etc., then look no further and sign up for a Flikover account.

Flickover can provide you around 20 web search evaluation tools for only Rs. 1200/- per month.

Another positive feature that I found on this website is that you don’t have to provide monthly subscription charges.

You can buy the services as you go and cancel it whenever you think that you do not need them.

Although, I would suggest you to not discontinue because the website may disable your account, if they won’t earn from you.

In fact, paying some a low price for so many useful tools are a win-win situation for every affiliate marketer.

I don’t know whether this website is available for use in other countries. Anyway, you can check it for yourself by visit the website and contacting the site owner.web search evaluatortools 1024x480 - 9 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 any Affiliate Marketer Needs

This friends this was my review of the 9 best keyword research tools 2019.

If you have any doubt or you want any clarification on this topic, then please comment below. I would be happy to help you.

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