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7 Steps Quick Plan for Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

affiliate marketing for dummies

If you are really serious about affiliate marketing, then you must read this 7 steps plan for affiliate marketing for dummies. I have designed this plan for the average Joe affiliate marketing beginners to provide you a free step by step method for how to be a successful affiliate marketer.


7 Steps Quick Plan for Affiliate Marketing for Dummies. 1

What is Affiliate Marketing for Dummies?. 1

Who Can Start Affiliate Marketing for Dummies?. 2

1.0 Buy Best Domain Hosting. 3

2.0 Buy the Best Top Level Domain Name Extension. 4

3.0 Install WordPress for Making Your Website. 5

4.0 Install Some Free and Useful WordPress Plugins. 6

5.0 Sign Up for Free Newsletter Provider like MailChimp. 7

6.0 Subscribe for the Best Sales Funnel Software. 7

7.0 Sign Up for Keyword Research Tools. 8

8.0 Conclusion.

What is Affiliate Marketing for Dummies?

You can skip this paragraph if you already know what is affiliate marketing. However, if you don’t know what is affiliate marketing and what it takes to become a successful affiliate marketer, then keep reading.

Affiliate marketing is just like the normal marketing, but here you don’t need to visit every prospects home and promote your physical product.

Instead, you simply make a website, YouTube video, small advertisements, or anything that you think is suitable to promote your product on the internet.

The buyers looking for your product search Google or other search engines for your website, video, or advertise and visits the affiliate link that you are promoting.

If they are interested, then they would buy the product from your promotional affiliate link and you’ll get paid a high commission for your hard work.

You can see the below image to better understand the whole process of affiliate marketing: —

affiliate marketing dummies 295x300 - 7 Steps Quick Plan for Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Figure 1. Image Source

See the flow of the visitors to your website, and then to the affiliate website, and finally how you get paid for your hard work.

Who Can Start Affiliate Marketing for Dummies?

I have realized during my affiliate marketing efforts that you need a good amount of budget, so as to start your affiliate marketing campaigns and advertisements.

Although I won’t suggest the beginners to invest a lot of money on affiliate marketing, without knowing the odds of your success of failure, because in that case, your ROI (Return on Investment) will become very low and any individual starts businesses to earn good commission and ROI.

So, if you don’t have a money, then still you can start your affiliate marketing career by simply choosing for the free options of how to start affiliate marketing free of cost. I have written below few exciting posts that you can read to start your affiliate marketing career, without investing a dime: —

  1. How to Use Clickbank for Beginners 2018?
  2. How to Make Money with Clickbank Step by Step PDF?

You will get an overview for how you can simply start promoting Clickbank products through above 2 insightful posts and how to follow best strategies for affiliate marketing for dummies.

However, free techniques don’t always work and in my opinion, you need at least $1000 in your pocket to start earning lucrative income from your efforts.

There are many free and paid resources that you need to get your products generating some sales for you.

Earlier, when there was not much competition on Google, related to affiliate marketing, then anyone would easily get a top 10 position for any niche product keyword he or she is promoting.

affiliate marketing beginners101 300x251 - 7 Steps Quick Plan for Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Now, the circumstances are changing, and you need to buy some subscriptions of paid services, to get your ball rolling, and get sales.

There are many tools nowadays that you must subscribe to make a good fortune out of affiliate marketing like sales funnels, keyword research tools, newsletter services, etc., but you don’t have to worry because I will tell you exactly which tools you need to start your career as a beginner affiliate marketer.

1.0 Buy Best Domain Hosting

So, the very first step that you have to do to start affiliate marketing is to buy the best domain hosting available in the market.

There are many cheap resellers hosting available in the market, but I think the best way website for affiliate marketing is HostGator.

HostGator is the pioneer in providing hosting services and there is little or no downtime for the websites hosted on this website.

affiliate marketing tutorials 300x104 - 7 Steps Quick Plan for Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

I myself am using HostGator and am really impressed with the services. You can use the multi-domain hosting service of HostGator to start making few WordPress websites easily to promote your Clickbank and other affiliate products.

You can see for yourself for how cheap the website hosting of Hostgator is that starts from only $3.49 per month for hosting a single website: —

affiliate marketing hostingUSA 300x168 - 7 Steps Quick Plan for Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

If you are really serious about affiliate marketing, then you can click the image below to buy the hosting services of Hostgator: —

buybutton 300x121 - 7 Steps Quick Plan for Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

However, if you are a beginner and willing to only make a single website, then I think the best hosting for you would be BigRock hosting services.

BigRock is best for the beginners and specially if you are from India because the hosting services from this website are available from as below as INR 59/- per month, which would be less than a $1 per month. See the image below for a better understanding of BigRock hosting services: —

affiliate marketing dummies 300x210 - 7 Steps Quick Plan for Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

You can CLICK HERE to buy the BigRock hosting services.

Some other good hosting services are Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc.

So, see for yourself that which of these best domain hosting services are available in your area.

2.0 Buy the Best Top-Level Domain Name Extension

I have stumbled upon many novice affiliate marketers who would just buy any odd domain name extension like .CC, .OO, .tk, etc. that are sometimes also available for free.

However, these low-level domain extensions may hinder all your affiliate marketing efforts because they have a low reputation because most of these extensions are used by the hackers and spammers.

So, if you too are doing this mistake, then take my suggestion and buy a top-level domain extension like .com, .net, .org.

If you are a beginner affiliate marketer, then the most suitable domain extension for you would be “.com” because it has a higher authority and Google will surely rank your website higher than other domain extensions that most spammers use.

Once again, I have found Hostgator to be one of the best domain name services providers on the internet, because they provide good service and 24/7 support. You can buy the top level domain extensions starting from $12.95 per year per domain. You can click the below image to search your domain name on Hostgator: —

domain registration 300x89 - 7 Steps Quick Plan for Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Another great way to get highly targeted traffic for the affiliate marketing for dummies website is to buy an expired domain from your niche.

These expired domains already have high backlinks, so you don’t have to do link building for yourself and you’ll get some traffic as soon as you make a website on these domains.

Although expired domains might be a little expensive than new domain names, but they can save you a great time on link building.

The best website for finding an expired domain is

I’ve checked this website for the expired domains related to the term “Clickbank” and see I’ve found a domain having around 2.1K backlinks as shown in the image below: —

affiliate marketing dummies11 300x152 - 7 Steps Quick Plan for Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Although having so many backlinks doesn’t necessary provide you a higher ranking on Google because it might be possible that these backlinks will be from some spamming or junk websites.

So, first of all check the quality of the backlinks of the domain that you want to buy through any free backlink checker tool from the internet, and then buy the one which is best suitable for your niche and product.

3.0 Install WordPress for Making Your Website

Remember that your main motivation behind making a website is to inform your visitors about the features and drawbacks of the products that you are promoting.

For this you need a blog, where you should write a blog post of at least 1000 to 2000 words to attract the Google, and so as the visitors.

Google loves good quality long contents because it makes you an authority over that particular product and niche.

Many researches have now proved that a long content having at least 2000 words ranks better than a short content having 1000 or less words.

You don’t worry because WordPress will be available as a free application with your domain hosting, and when you buy the hosting, then you’ll get the cPanel login ID and password, from where you can install the WordPress on your domain name.

Once you install, then you will be able to login to your website with the login ID and password that you’ve provided with your installation and the “wp-admin” extension of your domain name.

wordpress logo 300x68 - 7 Steps Quick Plan for Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

For instance, if your website is, then you can login to your WordPress site from the extension

Now, all you have to do is to install some good-looking theme and few free plugins and start writing few posts for your blog.

Making a website on WordPress is a long topic, although if you want to know step by step for how to make a blog on WordPress, then reply me on the comment and I’ll write a detailed post on this topic.

4.0 Install Some Free and Useful WordPress Plugins

So, you have come up to this point where you have your WordPress blog ready to be indexed by the Google, but wait, now you must install some free and useful plugins to let your blog run properly and also for SEO purpose. Following free plugins will be of your interest: —

affiliate marketing dummies101 300x229 - 7 Steps Quick Plan for Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

5.0 Sign Up for Free Newsletter Provider like MailChimp

Your next step in this mini affiliate marketing for dummies course is to sign up for a free newsletter service like MailChimp.

MailChimp is best for the beginner affiliates because it is free for the first 2000 subscribers that you can get from your website or advertising campaigns.

affiliate marketing beginners 300x100 - 7 Steps Quick Plan for Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

If you have a higher budget, then Aweber and ConstantContact are also a good choice that some large companies are using to manage their mail newsletter and marketing.

Another good thing about MailChimp is that you can easily integrate your WordPress website with it with the help of the free plugin extension.

You can CLICK HERE to sign up for the MailChimp.

However, if you are looking forward to following my next step, i.e. to subscribe for a sales funnel software, then you don’t need any newsletter services because these software have built-in newsletters and mailing campaigns that you can start with click of few buttons.

6.0 Subscribe for the Best Sales Funnel Software

If you want to make a great fortune out of your affiliate marketing for beginners efforts and build an empire, then remember my advice that you need at least $1000 initially for making your efforts effective.

So, skip this step if you are not interested to do so, otherwise you must subscribe to a best sales funnel software like GetResponse. 

GetResponse is the best autofunnel builder that has easy to use user interface.

If you want to reach the new heights of affiliate commissions with the help of lead generation and autofunnels, then GetResponse is the best funnel building software, because it is cheap (starting for only $15 per month) compared to other funnel software like Clickfunnels and Buidlerall.

You can try GetResponse for a month for free by clicking the image below. 

3dyknDPFwM - 7 Steps Quick Plan for Affiliate Marketing for Dummies 

If you are a newbie, not willing to spend large amount on sales funnel like Clickfunnels, then Builderall might be your best choice because it is available for as low as $28 per month with lots of features.

If you are not wiling to invest a large amount on affiliate marketing for dummies initially, then you can try the GetReponse for a month for free.

I found GetReponse to be the best autofunnel and e-mail marketing software that doesn’t have complex funnels and automation procedures like the premium funnel makers like Clickfunnels and Builderall. 

7.0 Sign Up for Keyword Research Tools

Gone are the days, when you easily get the top 10 position on Google without any efforts on keyword research.

Today, there are hundreds of websites competing for the product that you are promoting.

So, what you can do to put yourself in somewhat exalted position than other average Joes?

affiliate marketing beginners101 300x198 - 7 Steps Quick Plan for Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Simple, use some paid keyword research tool like Hrefs or SEMrush that can provide you an opportunity to find out hundreds of low competition keywords that you can use to get higher rankings on Google.

If you are a beginner, then I think hrefs is your best choice because you can easily get many YouTube videos to learn how to optimize your post for Google.

The price of such keyword research tools starts from $99 per month, but it is nothing for what you will get in return.

8.0 Conclusion

The views and suggestions that I have shared in this post are taken from my personal experience as an affiliate marketer.

If you found something that you think is not correct, then please comment below for your suggestions.

And please don’t forget to comment and share this post with your friends and family members.

So, go now and start following this step by step affiliate marketing for dummies blueprint.

How do you start affiliate marketing?

The best way to start affiliate marketing with minimal investment is to make your own review website on WordPress. You can visit this post and read the full tutorial for more details.

What is the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners?

Clickbank is so far the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners who are anywhere in the world because it is easy to use and free to sign up. Other convincing programs are JVZOO and WarriorPlus.

Can you really make money from affiliate marketing?

Sure! In fact, you can earn a way higher income from affiliate marketing than your daily job, but you must have to work hard before you start getting income in your affiliate accounts.

How do you become an Amazon affiliate?

You can simply join the Amazon Associates program to become an Amazon affiliate, which is free to sign up.

Is affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme?

No! Affiliate marketing is not a pyramid scheme because you don’t need to add any person below your line. You simply have to attract customers to your existing product links with your account ID.

affiliate marketing dummies - 7 Steps Quick Plan for Affiliate Marketing for Dummies
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