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Welcome to my blog “Clickbank University Affiliates” where I share some insightful information for how you can earn money with Clickbank.

So, finally you have clicked on the “About Me” section to know something more about me.

article2018gig cartoon m1 1 300x300 - About MeHello, my name is Vinay and I am also a full-time freelancer and affiliate marketer like you guys.

However, my journey to become a Clickbank Affiliate Marketer is very long, but don’t worry, I will keep it short.

So, few years back, I was really frustrated, because I had no job, and no money to invest on any kind of business.

I had to close my only way of earning, which was my Cyber Café.

But I had already prepared to close my Café earlier, so I didn’t have to work hard to earn some money for my livelihood.

Initially, I began to write small articles, and then some academic assignments.

Then, I started earning a good income from home, as a freelancer writer.

However, one thing that I was missing as a freelancer writer was to earn more income in less time, while giving some time to my family and friends.

Freelancer writing had been a tough call for me, where I would have to meet deadlines, or else lose my project.

So, I started searching the internet for some way to earn more income, while doing my regular work.

So, I started watching many videos and searching internet for best ways to earn money on internet.

Then, one day I stumbled upon Clickbank, and I researched a bit more about it.

I was amazed to know that people can earn a good income in 5-figure with affiliate marketing.

So, I started searching for some tricks and tips of affiliate marketing.

Initially, I would not earn much, and then one day, I start getting some figures on my Clickbank Dashboard.

I was really excited, when I got my first Clickbank check below: —

earn money clickbank steb by step 300x169 - About Me

After that, I never looked back and below are some more proofs of my income: —

earn money clickbank 300x169 - About Me

I had seen all those 0’s for many months on my account, but then I worked hard and so you can see for yourself; that how much I am earning today from this fabulous earn money from home opportunity.

If you want me to recommend a single best product that you can use to become successful in your Clickbank Affiliate Marketing, then I will suggest you CLICKBANK UNIVERSITY 2.0 

Clickbank University 2.0 help me build an empire out of all my resources and knowledge about affiliate marketing.

I thought that I would not be able to make so much amount without the help of Clickbank University Experts.

It is a genuine affiliate marketing program, because they themselves are the makers of Clickbank website.

They are following the legacy of Clickbank, by sharing their secrets with the buyers of this course.

And guess what? You’ll also get a certificate from the Clickbank itself, to showcase your affiliate marketing expertise to the visitors of your blog or website.

So, you can CLICK HERE to join this exciting affiliate program, but please see the full video presentation before you join.

This was all about me and my blog “Clickbank University Affiliates,

If you want to know more than just click the “Contact Us” button given at the upper right corner, and share any doubt you have in mind with me.

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