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Top 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites for Beginners 2018

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5 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

Hello Friends! In this post, I’ll explain you some of the best affiliate marketing websites that you can join to earn a good commission.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

For those of you who are really new for affiliate marketing, let me tell you what actually is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is similar to that of generic marketing, but it has a very significant difference of physicality in generic and affiliate marketing.

On one hand, generic marketing refers to the door-to-door marketing where you actually have to carry the product to the prospects, who may or may not be willing to buy your product.

You then explain the prospects about the product and its features and also provide some offers, so that the people can buy your product.

You will get some commission on behalf of the sales that you made daily through selling your physical products to the consumers.

On the other hand, affiliate marketing refers to the marketing where you make a website, YouTube video, blog post, etc. to let the user know more about the product you are promoting.

First of all you go to the affiliate marketing website that we’ll discuss later on this post, sign up, and then get a promotion link of the product that you want to promote through your blog or video.

You then write an exciting review or make a review video of that product on your blog or YouTube channel to promote the product, and whenever anyone buys the product from your affiliate link, then you’ll get the commission.

Why Affiliate Marketing is Better than Generic Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is better or I’ll say best compared to generic marketing because of following reasons: —

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So, this was the little information about what is affiliate marketing? Now let’s come to the main point, i.e. the top 5 best affiliate marketing websites.

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1. Clickbank

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Clickbank is so far one of the best and most trusted affiliate marketing websites on the internet. Clickbank is also the largest digital products marketplace, having around thousands of digital products like eBooks, Softwares, tutorials, etc. that you can choose to promote.

Clickbank has long experience of around 20 years in providing digital products for marketing to its users.

It was launched in the year 1998 and it has paid around $1 billion to its affiliate marketers till date.

Clickbank is also one of the most trusted websites on the internet and it has never ditched anyone and paid in time through checks to the marketers.

Clickbank is also best in my opinion from the fact that you don’t need to pay any kind of fees to join it as an affiliate marketer.

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'The objective is not to make our links appear natural. The objective is that your links are natural.' by Matt CuttsClick To Tweet

Another benefit of joining Clickbank is that it is available throughout the world, without any geographic restriction.

I have stumbled upon many affiliate marketing websites in my career who don’t simply provide you an opportunity to promote their products because they think your area or country is not worth any value.

However, Clickbank is fair in providing its free account to any person, living in any part of the world, without bothering about the place or country.

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2. Amazon Affiliates Program

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Amazon is also one of my favorite and most trusted affiliate marketing platforms. Being the giant E-commerce company,

Amazon can provide you the best algorithms that can let you earn for days, even after the visitor leaves the sales in between or just visit the website.

Amazon websites saves the cookies with your affiliate link into the visitors browser, so that next time whenever he visits the link, then your affiliate link will be automatically get selected from the saved cookie, and you’ll able to earn a good affiliate income.

Another beneficial thing about Amazon is that you don’t have to worry about the products you want to promote.

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'Nothing sedates rationally than large doses of effortless money.' by Unknown Click To Tweet

Amazon has thousands of products that can let you make a highly targeted niche website, which can let you earn a 5 figure income from home.

But one thing that you must bother about is that you must make a website on a niche having a high search volume for the product keywords (not less than 1000 per month) and for which you can easily rank your niche website to at least on the first page, if not the first position of the Google search results.

Go for the products that are newly launched. For example, you can make a website on Smart TV’s, but make sure to refine your product review for a long tail keyword.

For example see the search result for the keyword “smart tv”

best affiliate marketing training11 300x228 - Top 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites for Beginners 2018

As you can see in the figure above that the search volume is more than 1 billion and it is fairly impossible to rank your website for such a high volume keyword.

So, you can use a long tail keyword like “best smart tv under 400” to refine your search and you can see the results in the next image below: —

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As you can see now the search results is showing only around 180 million search results.

However, this is not the exact number of pages you have to rank, but if you want to check the exact competition for the keyword then include the quotations (“”) in the search results like instead of searching for the keyword best smart tv under 400 use the quotations like “best smart tv under 400” and see the exact competition in the image below: —

best affiliate marketing training22 300x219 - Top 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites for Beginners 2018

As you can see in the image above, there are now only 636 search results, which means only 636 websites are ranking for this exact keyword that means you can easily outrank those websites if you use a good content on your post.

This was only an example for how you can start a simple product reviewing blog for your Amazon affiliate marketing program and earn a 6 figure income from home. If you want to learn everything in detail, then you can try the book below: —

Or you can also CLICK HERE and choose the best book for learning how to earn money from affiliate marketing.

If you want to know how to make a full Amazon affiliate marketing website, then you can see the below video: —

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3. Commission Junction

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Commission junction is another great affiliate marketing website for the marketers who want to earn good income from home.

However, one thing that I noticed about this website is that they don’t provide account to every single person in the world.

This website has some geographic restriction and you would have to see for yourself whether it is available in your country or not.

Commission Junction is also not a platform for the beginner affiliates because they have a very large MNC’s as their partners, and you would have to struggle hard to get some sales, as a beginner on this webiste.

However, if the site allows you to get an account, then you can easily earn a lucrative income from home for sure.

CJ has much expectations from its affiliates and you have to show some sales within the initial 6 months after you get an account, or else they may restrict or suspend your account.

So, before you sign up for CJ, then make sure that you have some experience and knowledge about affiliate marketing.

One positive feature in CJ is that you’ll be provided with the full advertising platform and also the commission on CJ will be higher because you can directly communicate with the advertisers, without any third part.

You can CLICK HERE to join CJ

4. JVZoo

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JVZoo is yet another good affiliate marketing website that the beginner affiliates can also join.

Some of the gurus of internet marketing like Neil Patel also used this website to earn a 6 figure income from home.

JVZoo is best for the beginner affiliates from the fact that it can pay you the commission instantly, without any delay through PayPal, and not like other similar websites like Clickbank, where you will get payment only through checks and CJ where you would have to wait for a long time of 90 days to get your payment after applying for the payment request.

Look what one of the official’s of JVZoo says about its payment system: —

JVZoo Affiliates 1 300x175 - Top 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites for Beginners 2018


Another good thing about JVZoo is that there are no issues, when the buyer asks for the refund.

Earlier affiliate marketing websites use the “Instant Split Payment System,” where the affiliates has to face some issues of trust and reliability, when the buyers ask for the refund, because there was a flaw in this system that there was no way to find out who was paid commissions for the product sales and whom to ask for the refund.

The main reason of such confusion was due to the rotational order button, where the buyer makes the initial sale for the first sale, and then the affiliate was allowed to make the second sale. For example, when the buyer 50% commission, then the first sale will be made to the sellers PayPal account and next sale to the affiliates PayPal account.

JVZoo uses a direct split algorithm for payment, where the amount is distributed between the seller and affiliate at the time of sales and when any buyer asks for a refund, then the amount will be deducted from both the seller and affiliate’s account.

5. Kartra

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Finally, I have this very exciting website that you must join to step up the ladder of success in affiliate marketing.

Actually Kartra is not an affiliate marketing website precisely, but I must say that this is a must for you, if you want to become successful in affiliate marketing.

Kartra is a email marketing automation tool that can automate your newsletter campaigns that you must need in today’s world of affiliate marketing.

All you have to do is to join the Kartra website, see some video on how to use this platform and you can start you automated newsletter campaigns with the click of a button.

One of the most tidy work for the affiliate marketers is to write long emails for the newsletter campaigns, but now you don’t have to do so, because Kartra has some ready to use campaigns that you can initiate with the click of a button

And guess what? You can also promote this product as an affiliate to earn huge commission that will be paid directly to your PayPal account, or through check if you want.

Kartra uses some A.I. technology to find out who is visiting your links, e-mails, and who has gone up to the sales page without buying the product.

It automatically sends offers that are relevant to the person, depending upon his history for your newsletter campaigns, so that you can increase the conversion rate of your products to many folds.

Kartra is providing a 1 dollar 14 day trial to very few users and this is a limited period offer, so don’t miss this chance to become a guru in affiliate marketing business and click the below image to get this limited period offer: —

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Vinay Ghosh is the blogger, affiliate marketer, freelancer, and writer from India. He had left his full time job in the reputed Indian company to follow his dream of writing and blogging. He has written many eBooks, research papers, articles, and blog posts on vivid topics.

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